Welcome to RBF-productions-NL, a company dedicated to delivering high quality, custom made props and costumes. All costumes and props are made by Rick Boer: 27 years of age, married, father of 2 daughters and biology teacher next to being a costume and prop builder. Rick followed art lessons for 10 years at atelier Noor Bos and there he learned the traditional arts of drawing and painting.

Having a keen eye for detail, Rick was an autodidact when it comes to the sewing machine. After a lot of trial and error his works are now noticed and services requested by huge international companies (Ubisoft Entertainment) and people around the world.

Feel free to look around the website to get an impression of what RBF-productions-NL does.

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact us at info@rbf-productions-nl.com

Please keep in mind that Rick has to carefully plan and execute requests and assignments in order to be able to deliver the quality and detailed work that you would like. Requests and assignments can therefor only be accommodated as time permits. Feel free to ask for information about placing a request or an order and we will try to give you a probability and price estimate, aswell as a duration of the order.

Enjoy the website!