RBF-productions-NL prides itself in producing highly detailed and custom made costumes and props. With any order, RBF-productions will try to accommodate the customer to the best of its abilities. This means a creative insight in the realization of a project and open communications about functionality, detailing and the final execution of a project.

Besides the creation of props and costumes, Rick is also able to accurately portray a number of characters at events or for photo- and videography purposes such as viral videos or commercial photoshoots. See a character you would need for your creative or commercial purposes? Feel free to ask for information at about getting Rick as your selected character for your event!

Syndicate gauntlet

Ubisoft Entertainment commisioned RBF-productions-NL to recreate and impersonate the new protagonist, Jacob Frye, of it’s latest Assassin’s Creed Installment: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

Here you can see a small progress clip on the creation of  Jacob’s gauntlet, wich features a hidden-blade and rope-dart launcher. Keep in mind that any and all props created by RBF-productions-NL are for cosplay purposes only! Props are made with harmless materials and don’t feature any sharp points or edges, nor functional firing capabilities.


This project is of a very different theme then RBF-productions-NL’s usual line-up. A Belgium company, New Media Group, requested the creation of a character’s costume that was going to be used for a new line of math books. The books were to be used at elementary schools.

NMG send over a reference picture and told that the “Wiskanjer” would have to be worn by two different actors, wearing a muscle suit. RBF-productions-NL advised that it might be better to create a sort of harness that could be worn by any actor in any spandex kind of suit, with or without a muscle-suit. RBF-productions-NL then send over a sketch and after confirmation, began production on the “Wiskanjer”.

Venom Snake bionic arm

This slideshow shows the creation of a wearable, custom made replica of Metal Gear Solid’s Venom Snake’s bionic arm by RBF-productions-NL. The process includes measuring the arm, creating a base calf that is detailed and finally painted.

This prop shows the balance between details and functionality, as the joint between the arm and hand differs slightly from the original to allow for use of the hand, but still holds up to the overall look of Snake’s arm.